House Bill Raises Age from 18 to 21 for Buying Semi-Automatic Rifles

Photo by Staff Sgt. Kissta DiGregorio via Wikimedia
Written by Guy Nave
                       Mass shooting victims speak at House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing
Actor Matthew McConaughey delivered a plea for common-sense gun control legislation during a White House press briefing

Requiring a gun owner to be 21 to purchase a semi-automatic weapon is not a violation of the 2nd Amendment. It’s not taking away a U.S. citizen’s right to bear arms.

There is absolutely no reason an 18-year-old should be allowed to purchase a semi-automatic weapon.

Drivers below the age of 25 also find it either difficult or more expensive to rent a car, given the higher risks of accidents for the car, the driver, and others on the road.

All of these age restrictions are meant to keep people safe. Requiring someone to be 21 to purchase an assault weapon will likewise help keep people safe.

If U.S. Senators are not willing to represent the desire of the majority of Americans, then it’s the responsibility of the majority of Americans to vote them out!

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Guy Nave is a professor of religion at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. His research focuses on the topics of Christianity, religion and social justice, the social construction of religious meaning, and race-religion-and-politics. Professor Nave is currently researching the power, politics, and meaning behind the rhetoric of "change."

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Guy Nave received his Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and his Ph.D. in New Testament studies from Yale University. In addition to his blog posts here, he is a frequent contributor to Sojourners Magazine's online "Commentary" blog series.

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