Our Mission

“Clamoring for Change” is a space that seeks to bring together people who are interested in effecting meaningful societal change regarding important social issues. We hope to help reduce societal polarization and promote civil dialogue by building a community of people with diverse views, opinions, and ideas, who are willing to share, listen, and learn—people who not only want to bring about change but who are also open to experiencing change themselves.

What is “Change”?

It seems that we are currently living in a time where the demand for change dominates much of the public rhetoric—both nationally and internationally.  What exactly is it, however, that people want when they demand “change”?

Far too often when we refer to “change” we are referring to something that others need to do rather than something we ourselves also need to do. It is extremely ironic that during a period many political scientists and historians have identified as the most deeply divided in American politics and culture—a period where political gridlock is the norm rather than the exception— there has been an exponential increase in the rhetoric of change.

Everyone is dug in, entrenched and unwilling to move from his or her ideological position; while at the same time everyone is talking about, demanding, and even promising change. What kind of change is possible, however, when no one thinks they need to change and everyone thinks “the other” needs to change?

Clamoring for Change seeks to create a space where we not simply demand that “others” change but where we, through engagement with views different than our own, actually experience change.

We are glad you found our site, and we hope you will become part of this effort to help bring about lasting and meaningful transformative change.

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