Rules of Engagement

Unlike most social media sites, Clamoring for Change seeks to create a space that welcomes multiple ideological perspectives and that encourages engagement and interaction with and conversation across multiple perspectives.

While the site seeks to present multiple perspectives, it is incumbent on you as a member of this online community to engage and interact with these different ideological perspectives. In order to experience change, you have to be willing to deeply and reflectively engage ideas that challenge your existing opinions and ideological perspectives.

The FIRST and most important Rule of Engagement on this site is that you have to seriously be willing to consider the possibility that YOUR perspective may need to change. In order for us as a society to experience change, EACH of us HAS TO be open to the idea that our own perspectives might need to change. If you are NOT open to the possibility of experiencing change, and you are only interested in trying to change others, then this site is not for you.

Many postings on this site will recommend other postings addressing similar topics from differing ideological perspectives. You are strongly encouraged to take time to engage and interact with as many postings as possible. New postings with differing or similar ideological perspectives are constantly being added, so keep your eyes open for new posts.

One of the things you will quickly notice is that COMMENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED on individual postings. Instead, other posts will be recommended. After reading multiple posts, you are encouraged to join forum discussions where you will have an opportunity to reflect upon broader topics rather than individual posts. The hope is that engagement with multiple perspectives will contribute to more informed and open discussions on broader topics.

In order to join forum discussions, you will have to create an account.  

Since understanding rather than persuasion is one of the primary objectives of this site, everyone is expected to engage in respectful dialogue that:

  • seeks to promote understanding
  • seeks to further rather than shut down conversation
  • seeks to hear differing viewpoints
  • respects differing identities
  • refrains from personal attacks and disparaging remarks
Clamoring for Change is not simply about promoting and fostering change. It is also about moving people of differing views beyond hatred and polarization.

We are not suggesting people will (or even should) agree on everything. Disagreement is not the cause of polarization. It is disrespect—not disagreement—that leads to polarization, and disrespect is almost always rooted in a lack of understanding.

That is why another important Rule of Engagement is to genuinely seek understanding. In this quest for understanding, we must each seek to understand as much as to be understood.

Also, in our quest to be understood we each must at all times ask ourselves how does what I’m saying and the way I am saying it encourage others to seek to understand me? Seeking to be understood includes giving others a reason to want to understand us. Being disrespectful to others does not give others a reason to want to understand us.

This is not an issue of political correctness; it is an issue of respect. If you are not willing and able to engage in respectful interaction with those whom you disagree and seek to understand, then this site is not for you.

Lastly, Clamoring for Change reserves the right to remove any comments that do not adhere to the above guidelines and to cancel the account of anyone violating the above guidelines.

If you wish to create an account and are willing to adhere to these Rules of Engagement, then click here.