“Make America Great AGAIN”? America’s greatness lies in America’s future not America’s past.

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      Guy NaveGuy Nave

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      Kate EricksonKate Erickson

      I agree that America’s greatness lies in America’s future not in America’s past. America’s past consisted of slavery, racism, violence, etc. Why would we want to go back to that? The future can hold endless possibilities of greatness that the past did not bring. We are still experiencing racism and violence throughout America but the way communities and organizations are coming together and standing up for what they believe in and making a change suggests that things will be different in the future for the better. We should strive to be a nation of peace instead of violence, welcoming people instead of forcing them out. This would be the ideal world and it could be the future because the past was far from ideal.

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      Lauren MahnkeLauren Mahnke

      I agree with this statement. What is there to return to? A time when women and African Americans did not have the right to vote? America has made huge strides in equality and technological advancement over the course of its existence. And there is even more yet to come. We do not need to return to a time when we did not have cell phones and women were treated inferior. We need to look and work towards the future where all women will have equal pay to their male counterparts. People will be hired to jobs solely based on there work ethic and past experience. America is definitely not perfect now, but our future has the potential to more advancements in research and equality.

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      Holly DeSeranoHolly DeSerano

      I agree that America’s greatness lies in our future. America has several dark spots in its history such as slavery and racism that has dehumanized groups and individuals. While it will always be apart of our history, it’s not a past to be proud of. The nation has come along way in reaching its goal of freedom for all, but it still has a ways to go. The country still is facing violence, discrimination, and inequality so much that it’s become a norm to see these things on the news. America needs to look towards the future with high hopes knowing it’s limitless in what in can bring. Looking forward enables us to envision what America can be and is what we can strive towards. It supports the possibility of a society with equality and safety where looking back makes it feel unattainable. The past is set in stone, but America’s future is still being shaped.

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