The consideration of human life is always more important than the consideration of non-human life.

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      Guy NaveGuy Nave

      As a way of provoking curiosity and pushing participants to evaluate their position on particular topics, all forum discussions are designed with a “provocative statement” as the basis for the discussion.

      Participants should respond to the forum statement with strongly agree, somewhat agree, unsure, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree and then in their comments explain why.

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      Ellen GorsevskiEllen Gorsevski

      I strongly disagree. Henry David Thoreau wrote, “In wildness is the preservation of the world,” from his famous Walking essay (published in the Atlantic after he died from tuberculosis). Studies show that children who grow up with pets tend to be more attuned to also reading human emotion, having been sensitized at an early age to the emotions, including joy and suffering, of nonhuman animals. Increasingly, studies of large agribusiness models are directly linking the suffering of non-human animals to the suffering of humans. Immigrant laborers in chicken factories are mistreated. Meat processing plants have some of the highest turnover rates of any employment places. We are all interconnected. When humans lose their connectivity with nature and fellow sentient beings, even the tiny, “Cold fly” whose wondrous being is captured some of the greatest poetry of Yang Wan-li:

      Chance sight on a windowsill, the fly sits warming its back,
      rubbing its front legs together, savoring morning sunlight.

      Imagine a childhood without story books or nature programs showing elephants, giraffes, rhinos: that is the world we are already rapidly moving toward directly due to the overabundance of humans and humans’ lack of appreciation, reverence, and respect for those sentient beings with whom we share this planet, a tiny blue orb floating out in space.

      Treatment, laws, rights, and awareness of both human diversity and the world’s rich biodiversity of non-human animals are intimately interconnected. In this i-phone addled age, it’s easy to forget that. We will be remembered as the generation who did nothing for our fellow sentient beings, or as the generation which saved them and the world. It is a choice we make in what we eat, what we use for transportation, and how we live our lives. It is up to humans to end speciesism, and to renew our wonder at the world’s remaining, rapidly disappearing, ‘wildness.’

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        Guy NaveGuy Nave


        Thank you for this eloquent and passionate response. While I enjoyed reading your response, I kept thinking to myself it would be wonderful to read an actual post by you on this topic. I hope you will consider sharing something on this topic for ALL of us to read and engage!!


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      Piper JennerPiper Jenner
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