While ideally “All Lives Matter,” in reality some lives clearly matter more than other lives.

Home Forums Clamoring for Change While ideally “All Lives Matter,” in reality some lives clearly matter more than other lives.

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      Guy NaveGuy Nave

      As a way of provoking curiosity and pushing participants to evaluate their position on particular topics, all forum discussions are designed with a “provocative statement” as the basis for the discussion.

      Participants should respond to the forum statement with strongly agree, somewhat agree, unsure, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree and then in their comments explain why.

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      Jennifer AndersonJennifer Anderson

      I somewhat disagree with this statement because I believe that all lives matter and that all lives are of equal importance. When I read this statement the part that stood out to me was the idea that some lives matter more than others. The problem that I have with this statement is that it does not emphasize that all lives should be seen as equally important. I think that we all strive to be equal and desire to share equal parts of what the world provides that if we ignore the importance of others we ignore the importance of equality. The importance of saying that all lives matter evens out the playing field so that we all have equal opportunities. However, some may feel as though those who have a higher level of authority should be considered as possessing more value.

      When I determine the level of importance each person has, I understand that everyone should be seen as equals. I believe that no matter what background you come from your race, ethnicity or religion your life matters just as much as someone who is in a position of authority. It is vital to the human existence to know that each of us matter. Without this why would we want to connect with others or put an effort into making the world a better place? I often will hear comments such as why should I vote if my vote doesn’t matter? If we believe that certain lives matter more than others we encourage these types of statements and decrease voter turn-out. While voter turnout is just one example, the value of saying that all lives matter can also effect other aspects of our lives as well. When we start to recognize that all lives matter we will start to create a world that is centered around equality and create a world that is ready to connect through change.

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