Demanding “justice” for one population means denying “justice” for other populations.

Home Forums Clamoring for Change Demanding “justice” for one population means denying “justice” for other populations.

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      Guy NaveGuy Nave

      As a way of provoking curiosity and pushing participants to evaluate their position on particular topics, all forum discussions are designed with a “provocative statement” as the basis for the discussion.

      Participants should respond to the forum statement with strongly agree, somewhat agree, unsure, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree and then in their comments explain why.

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      John MaiJohn Mai

      I somewhat disagree with this statement. Possibly the most relevant current event to this statement is the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. There is obviously a deeply rooted history in both populations that is the source of the conflict between these two peoples. In this specific context, it is seemingly impossible to result in justice for one population without an apparent injustice with the other (or at least, one has yet to be presented). However, I do not accept this as a universal truth. Justice, in some contexts, has a very narrow definition and can be at odds with others’ definitions. However, in other contexts, justice has a more broad, accessible definition that can encompass more populations. It is my personal belief that justice can be achieved for all if populations broaden their sense of what justice looks like for them.

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